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The Citari company is located on the hillside of S. Martino della Battaglia, close to the tower built to commemorate the Risorgimento which led to the unification of Italy free of foreign rule.
Today, the area is one of serenity and includes a different kind of history, based on beauty, passion and quality.

It’s a story of love for the land, a dream that the commitment and hard work of Francesco Gettuli, born in 1911, turned into reality. A native of the area, he moved to Milan for work, but never forgot his origins: memories clung to him like the moist earth in the fields that boots cannot shake off, or like the outline of the hills preserved in the mind’s eye and the heart. After retiring, Francesco decided to buy a few hectares of land, here in San Martino della Battaglia. And in 1975, out of love and attachment to his roots, he founded the Citari company.

After Francesco, the winery was run by his daughter Giovanna and her husband, Ugo Mascini, a surgeon by profession, who threw himself into the business with dedication and his customary attention to detail, giving the development of the company fresh impetus.



Their children, Maria Giovanna and Francesco, are the third generation of owners. They spent their childhood summer holidays here, enjoying the freedom of nature.

They too have different professional backgrounds, Francesco as an engineer and Maria Giovanna in teaching. But the pull of the land and the winery was strong, an irresistible force.

Today, they continue the family tradition, with the same commitment to hard work, to ideals and to passion. Named after his grandfather, the founder, Francesco Mascini heads the company and manages it on the basis of the same strong and enduring values.

Their hearts and minds are dedicated to the thirty-five hectares of land that produce 4 specialty appellations, all important for the Italian wine industry: Lugana DOC, Riviera del Garda Classico DOC, San Martino della Battaglia DOC and Benaco Bresciano IGT.


Simone Rigon has worked for many years both in the vineyards and in the winery, alongside the various generations of the family. He has the greatest respect for vines and the grapes they produce, but is also keen to experiment, convinced that it is often precisely by leaving the beaten track that the best innovations can be found.

After studying communications and working in a local company, Francesca Fiorentini joined Citari and contributed to its challenging growth plans. Today, she divides her time in sales with public relations for the company, including the organization of its many events.